Other Vehicle Windows

Usually, damaged windows other than the windshield require a replacement. This might include anything from side and rear windows to quarter windows.

At PJ Glass, we are able to expertly replace a variety of windows regardless of size and shape.

Auto Glass Replacement

Restoring Your On-Road Safety

  • Rear WIndows

  • Driver & passenger door glass

  • Side & quarter windows

  • Rear cab sliders

  • Sunroof

  • T-top replacement

Rear Windows

Rear windows are an essential part of a driver’s visibility and sense of awareness on the road. Another reason why full replacement is necessary for rear and side windows is that they have defrosting technology that ensures the driver’s safety and visibility, making spot repairs difficult and not worth it. No matter what the make or model of your vehicle, we are able to provide a replacement with the same shape, size and contour of your original window and the manufacturing standards of your vehicle’s maker.

Side & Quarter Windows

Side windows are another key player in providing drivers with visibility, enabling drivers to gain clarity in blind spots. Regardless of damage severity, whether a small chip from road debris or an extensive crack from a collision, our replacement service will restore your vehicle’s structural integrity as well as your own personal safety. Just as with rear windows, we always ensure your new windows comply with the manufacturing standards of your vehicle’s make and model while being in line with the shape, size and contour of the original glass.

Sunroof Glass

In the case of chipping, cracking or breakage, the sunroof requires immediate replacement as it could endanger your passengers from road debris, insects and other projectiles. In addition, even the smallest chip could cause the glass to shatter if it’s affected by more impact. Even though every car has a different type of sunroof glass, our team is able to replace various types of auto glass while complying with the specs and manufacturing standards of your vehicle’s make and model.

Installing Your New Auto Glass

Our 6-Step Process

We Inspect

Our trained, qualified and experienced technicians carefully inspect the damage of your vehicle’s glass in order to establish an action plan for restoring it back to its former state.

We Protect

The replacement process can be messy. We take preventative measures that protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle from stains, scratches and other forms of damage.

We Prepare

Our preparation process involves thoroughly vacuuming all broken glass, removing the damaged window and, with care, dissolving the original window’s adhesive for an easy fix.

We Install

Our qualified technicians apply bonding glue to the brand new window using the highest quality tools and most advanced installation methods.

We Test

Testing is a fundamental stage in our process, guaranteeing quality assurance and ensuring any unique auto glass features are functioning properly.

We Cleaning

Before you pick up your vehicle, our team performs a final inspection and thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your car to make sure you’re ready to safely hit the road.