Tinting Installation

Tinted windows offer a myriad of benefits for your passengers and you as a driver. In addition, they also enhance your car’s efficiency, enabling it to stay cool or retain heat, as well as keep the furnishings and electronics from fading or overheating. At PJ Glass, we have extensive experience providing auto tinting solutions that suit the unique lifestyles and vehicles of our customers.

The Benefits of Car Glass Tinting

Are Tinted Windows Right For You?

Energy Efficiency

So, how do tinted windows enhance your car’s energy efficiency year-round? Tinted glass reduces the amount of sunlight and heat that can enter your vehicle’s coupe, lessening the strain on the air conditioning system and enabling your vehicle to run more smoothly. This cuts down on gas mileage, reduces your expenses and keeps your car cool and protected if you have no other choice than to park in direct sunlight.


Tinted glass windows offer you and your passengers superior levels of privacy, eliminating the possibility of prying eyes seeing into your vehicle. This significantly transforms the atmosphere inside of your vehicle into one that is comfortable, private and cozy.

Sun & UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are notorious for being damaging not only to our skin but also to our homes and vehicles. Tinted windows block UV rays, helping you see better without any glare, prolonging the life of your upholstery and protecting your eyesight and skin.

Enhanced Safety

A safety component of tinted windows is that the tinting film helps the glass hold together should an attempted break-in or car accident occur, protecting passengers from injury if they’re inside the car at the time of breakage. In addition, it makes it difficult for thieves to see the valuables inside of your vehicle at night, lessening the potential for crime. Reduced visibility also protects high-profile individuals from being seen and recognized.

Aesthetic Appeal

Car window tinting gives cars a clean, minimal, modern look. It gives you options of decorative film as well as varying levels of tint, reducing glare when you are inside. The professionals at A1 Glass can help you decide which film would best suit your car, lifestyle, and needs.

Apart from significantly enhanced safety features, car window tinting gives cars a clean, modern look. With a myriad of tinting levels and decorative options to choose from, reducing glare and improving the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle has never been easier.

Rigorous Standards

At PJ Glass, we provide Metro Vancouver with superior glass repair and replacement services. We are dedicated to providing you with cutting edge technology and services at a level of quality that far surpasses even the most rigorous industry standards.