Windshield Replacement

About 30% of a vehicle’s structural integrity and strength is provided by the windshield, acting as a safety feature, especially if you experience a collision or your car rolls over. If unrepairable damage does occur, a complete replacement will ensure your car’s safety is fully restored.

At PJ Glass, we also offer auto glass solutions for the residential sector as well as commercial businesses. Our services extend to repairing chips and cracks in furniture to the replacement of glass installations of varying sizes and severities of damage.

Is your Windshield Eligible?

How We Establish Whether a Full Replacement is Required


A windshield repair is more than sufficient for windshields that have cracks or chips that are smaller than 6 inches and for any cracks that are larger than that, a replacement will be in order. Our team will assess the severity of damage as well as the type of crack, whether star, half-moon or bull’s eye.


A windshield is essentially a sheet of plastic sandwiched between two layers of glass that are then sturdily pressed together. This is why an assessment of damage depth is necessary, being one of the key markers for replacement eligibility. Usually, damage that goes through all 3 layers makes a vehicle a great candidate for replacement as the structural integrity of the windshield is already compromised.


Where the damage occurred is a key deciding factor in whether or not a full replacement is necessary. For example, if the damage is within the driver’s line of view, any level of distortion caused by the spot repair could impair their ability to clearly see the road.

In addition, when the damage extends to the edge of the glass it compromises the structural strength of the windshield. This, once again, makes replacement absolutely necessary, even if the crack or chip is minor.

Lastly, whenever damage is within the line of view of sensors, cameras, automated driver assistance systems (ADAS), automatic braking systems or other devices, replacement is usually necessary. Why? Because even the slightest distortion from repair could cause system malfunctions that endanger your lives and the lives of other drivers.